Natural Home Remedies for Killing Fleas on Dogs

Kill fleas with natural home remedies.
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Fleas on your dog is not only a problem for your dog but a potential problem for you, family members, and other pets, should the fleas continue to multiply and spread. There are several flea-killing products on the market but many have toxic chemicals in them. To avoid using a method that can put your dog at risk, try natural home remedies. Many natural home remedies will kill fleas and prevent a re-infestation as well.

Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth will kill fleas on your dog, in a very unique way. Diatomaceous earth is the fossilized remains of prehistoric planktons. These fossils are extremely fine and sharp particles found in the earth. DE is so sharp that it actually cuts through the exoskeletons of insects when walked on. This causes dehydration in the fleas and within a few hours, the fleas will die.

Bathe Your Dog

If your dog has fleas, give him a bath using Dawn dishwashing liquid. The oils in it suffocate fleas, thus killing them. It also keeps the eggs from sticking to your dog’s hair follicles. When using this method, be sure to begin with the neck area of your dog and work your way down his body. The liquid soap will cause the fleas to scramble and you do not want them going towards your dog’s face. Soap your dog up and allowing the soap to sit on the dog for five minutes before rinsing. Repeat this process in a week to be sure you kill all of the fleas.

Lemon Juice

Citrus juice will kill fleas and repel new fleas. To make a mix to get rid of fleas, poke small holes in a lemon and then slice it, but do not peel. Set the lemon slices in a bowl, pour a cup of boiling water over the slices, and allow to sit over night. Sponge the mixture directly on to your dog, killing the fleas instantly. You can also pour the lemon and water mixture into a spray bottle and spray it on your dog.

Homemade Flea Spray

After bathing your dog, use a homemade flea spray of warm water and two drops each of cedar wood essential oil and lavender essential oil in their pure form to kill any remaining fleas on your dog and to repel future fleas. Spray this mixture on your dog. Do not saturate your dog's hair, but lightly coat your dog’s body and allow to air dry.