All Natural Products for Dogs

An all natural dog food could be an ideal meal for your best friend.
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In today's growing pet supply market, there is no shortage of all natural dog products. Many companies are moving away from the long-held traditions of the past and moving into using natural ingredients and eco-friendly materials for a variety of dog products including food and treats, shampoos and flea and tick products.

All Natural

The term "all natural" is common in marketing, but the seemingly good for you and good for your dog claims aren't always what they seem to be. The term can hide many ingredients, all natural simply means the ingredients come from a natural source. When looking for all natural dog products, it helps to understand a few of the common ingredients and the ones that work. Talk to your vet before purchasing any items if you're unsure of the ingredients.


When it comes to all natural dog food and treats, don't let the label fool you. When choosing an all natural pet food or treat, read the label just as you would for your food. Choose foods with ingredient lists filled with whole meats, veggies and starches. Stay away from by-products and nonspecific meals. Ideally, the first half or two-thirds of the ingredients list should be full of stuff you recognize and would eat yourself; chelated minerals and vitamins normally are listed at the end of the ingredients lists.


Several all natural dog shampoos are available commercially at a wide array of stores including pet stores, big-box stores and online retailers. All natural shampoos, like foods, contain ingredients that come from natural sources. The chemicals in traditional dog shampoos can harm your dog rather than help her. Common ingredients in all natural dog shampoos include various essential oils for fragrance and healing properties; sunflower, coconut, sesame seed or jojoba oil for conditioning the skin; and aloe vera, which provides various benefits to the skin and numerous minerals and nutrients.

Flea and Tick Medication

Dr. Karen Becker recommends against using the common chemical flea medications found at veterinary offices and pet-supply stores. The problems with these products include adverse reactions affecting skin, gastrointestinal tract and the nervous system. Some ingredients in all natural flea medications include the essential oils of lemongrass, cinnamon, sassafras or neem.