A New Owner's Guide to Staffordshire Bull Terriers

The Staffordshire bull terrier is referred to as the "nanny dog" due to his playful and guardian like nature toward children.
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Staffordshire bull terriers originated in Staffordshire, England during the 19th century, when breeders mated a small terrier with the bulldog which resulted in the playful, fearless, highly intelligent Staffordshire bull terrier seen today. They are docile, obedient, affectionate and courageous dogs that are friendly and well behaved around children. As a new owner, you'll want to provide proper nutrition, grooming and regular exercise for your pup.

Attention Required

Your Staffordshire bull terrier requires two things in their daily life, play time and human contact. His need for human companionship is rivaled only by his desire to play, according to Animal Planet. He has a strong desire to please his owner and enjoys being in close contact with you, whether indoors or outdoors. You'll want to provide plenty of attention to him on a daily basis, making him feel like part of the family.

Food and Nutrition

Staffordshire bull terriers are prone to stomach and skin sensitivities, according to Purina, and may require a special diet recommended by a veterinarian. However, providing a well-balanced diet of protein, essential fats, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins to meet your pup's nutritional needs and large appetite can help prevent digestive and skin problems, as well as keeping your staffie in good shape. The average weight of a mature male is 35 to 40 pounds and 30 to 35 pounds for females.

Grooming and Coat Care

Staffordshire bull terriers feature a smooth, short-haired coat that produces moderate shedding. Brush once a week with a firm bristled brush to remove loose hair; during the winter season, once a month bathing is recommended and during the warmer months bathing once every two weeks will keep the coat clean and odor free, according to Purina. Additional bathing may be required if dirt, debris and residue accumulate due to heavy play outdoors.

Exercise Requirements

Plenty of daily exercise of the body and mind is paramount in meeting the Staffordshire bull terriers needs. Your Staffordshire bull terrier has high energy and is active. Staffordshire bull terriers are always looking for ways to play and have fun. Durable and strong chew toys are recommended due to their powerful, strong jaws. Playing fetch and tug-of-war games outdoors provides exercise and satisfies his need for play. A lack of mental and physical stimulation may cause this smart breed to turn to destructive pursuits, so be sure to provide healthy outlets that engage his mind and body.