Novolin L for Dogs

Only a veterinarian can diagnose diabetes and prescribe a lente insulin.
Dean Golja/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Novolin L is a discontinued lente (immediate-acting) insulin that was sometimes prescribed to treat canine diabetic disorders. Ultimately, Novolin L was designed for human use, but some veterinarians would prescribe it to diabetic dogs and cats. Novo Nordisk, the creators of Novolin L, discontinued the insulin at the end of 2003. The company has not published a reason for this discontinuation.

Lente Insulin for Canine Diabetes Management

Novolin L was quite popular because it was a lente (immediate-acting) form of insulin. Although Novolin L is no longer available, there are similar lente insulins still on the market, including Vetsulin for dogs. Vetsulin is administered once-daily and once administered, dog owners can expect a near-immediate onset of activity, as well as long-lasting use of glucose which boosts the dog’s basic body functions. Always consult an experienced vet regarding the health and treatment of your pet.