How Old Are Dogs When Their Eyes Change Color?

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If you're looking at a brand new litter of puppies, you won't get to see anything of their peepers for a good eight to 14 days. Once they start to open, you'll notice that the eyes appear to be blue. The color of his adult eyes depends on the pooch's genes.

Sight and Color Change

Puppies' eyes start to focus around day 14. It is likely that you won't notice much change in his eye color until between days 21 to 28. The dominant gene for doggy eye color is brown, so you may notice tone of that color emerging. The color doesn't change overnight; it could take another 12 weeks for his eye color to fully develop.

Coat Color and Eye Color

Pups with liver-colored coats tend to have a gene for amber eyes. Amber eyes can range from light brown to yellow and even gray. Blue eyes are associated with the gene for a merle coat. This dilutes the eye pigmentation. Siberian huskies have piercing blue eyes that are genetically unrelated to coat color.


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