How Old Does My Puppy Need to Be Spayed?

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Spaying your puppy early on in life has its perks -- aside from pregnancy prevention. It can drastically lower your pup’s risk of developing breast cancer and completely eliminate her risk of ovarian or uterine cancers. If you are considering the spay surgery, your fur ball needs to be at a certain age.

Minimum Age

Generally, your pint-size pal can be spayed as early as 8 weeks old, the ASPCA reports. Typically, shelter puppies are sterilized by this age before they are ready to be adopted out. Of course, your veterinarian must make the call for your specific situation and your puppy’s needs.

Why It’s Important

You’ll want her to be spayed before her first heat cycle to prevent an unwanted pregnancy. Because some breeds reach sexual maturity before their first birthday, it’s important to consider a spay surgery before 6 months of age. This way, your furry friend can get it out of the way before she starts her heat cycles. Some vets will spay a puppy even though she’s in heat, although it isn't an ideal situation because it can result in a lot of blood loss.


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