Organic Dog Food for All Life Stages

Check the ingredients in your dog's food to make sure they are certified organic.
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If you don't have time to shop around town for organic meats and veggies so you can cook your dog every meal he eats, you probably feed your dog commercial dog food. Commercial dog food has taken a few hits in the news in recent years, but a few makers have introduced high-quality, organic commercial dog foods that cover all of your dog's nutritional needs from puppyhood through adulthood.

Organic Dog Food

Unlike human food, dog food doesn't have set standards that companies must follow to call their food organic. Any company can label their dog food "premium," "nutritious," "holistic and "organic" if they please. Truly organic food is produced without the use of chemical or synthetic fertilizers, growth stimulants, pesticides or antibiotics. It's important to find out whether a dog food is truly nutritious and organic or just advertised as such for marketing purposes. A trio of brands are among highly recommended commercial organic dog food.

Castor & Pollux Organix

The Castor & Pollux Organix brand is an entire line of healthy dog foods. The first ingredient listed in the Organix line is certified organic chicken. Nearly every ingredient in Castor & Pollux Organix dog food is certified organic. If an ingredient isn't certified organic, it is approved by an organic certification agency before being used as an ingredient in the food. Unlike the most popular commercial dog foods, Castor & Pollux doesn't add any useless fillers like wheat or corn. They make their food in the dry and canned forms making it great for any stage in your pet's life.

Natura Karma

Natura Karma is one of the highest-quality dog foods available. Its ingredients are 95 percent USDA certified organic. Like Castor & Pollux, Natura Karma doesn't use wheat, corn or soy fillers. Its ingredients consist of mostly organic chicken and organic whole grains. No artificial preservatives or chemicals are used in Natura Karma, and every bag of food goes through 100 quality checks before being sent to stores.

PetGuard Organics LifePath

PetGuard's organic dog foods are USDA-certified organic. They have no artificial preservatives, colors or ingredients. The LifePath line of dog foods is made without growth hormones and antibiotics. Like Castor & Pollux and Natura Karma, PetGuard never uses corn or wheat fillers. Each of these brands is an appropriate choice of commercial food for your pet, and all of them are made with the care your dog deserves, whether he's young or old.

Homemade Dog Food

Because any feed manufacturer can label its food organic without using mostly organic ingredients, some cautious pet owners have taken making dog food into their own hands. It's easy to ensure your pup is getting a 100 percent organic meal when you are picking the ingredients yourself. Most homemade dog foods consist of a fatty meat, a carbohydrate and veggies -- think of a hearty stew made with pork, rice and carrots. If you make sure every ingredient you buy is USDA-certified organic, your pet will get a completely organic meal. Show all of your recipes to your vet to make sure you're meeting all of your pet's nutritional needs for each stage of his life.

Choosing an Organic Dog Food

With tons of so-called organic dog foods on the market, it's important that you read the ingredients on the packaging of dog foods you're considering, to see if a majority of them are organic. Researching your potential dog food's website will help you determine which ones produce truly organic dog food without the use of synthetic chemicals, fertilizers, stimulants, pesticides or antibiotics.