Owning a Mini Pinscher

Despite his diminutive stature, the miniature pinscher has more spirit and attitude than many large dogs.
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The Miniature Pinscher Club of America says this dog's personality should be "dynamite in a small package." Energetic, curious, tenacious and full of humor, the owner of a miniature pinscher should possess a sense of humor equal to that of the dog. His antics are sure to amuse the seasoned dog owner, while at times reducing a novice owner to tears.

Temperament and Personality

Quick, active, inquisitive, loving, loyal, protective and intelligent all describe the bold personality wrapped up in this little dog. The owner of a mini pin must provide firm, consistent training from the time the dog is a puppy. Gentleness and persistence prevail, as harsh corrections or giving into the dog's whims and spoiling him can create a little tyrant. As described by some miniature pinscher breeders, he is "like living with a room full of toddlers who never grow up."

Family Life

The miniature pinscher responds well to a master who establishes himself as the alpha in the relationship and rules this "King of the Toys," as he is referred to by the American Kennel Club, with a firm hand. When engaged in obedience training, the miniature pinscher learns quickly and loves to please his master. He bonds quickly and strongly with his human family, but needs early socialization with hounds and humans alike to ensure he does not become overly possessive. The miniature pinscher loves and enjoys older children who handle him gently and have been taught responsible dog care, but quickly becomes fearful of young, rowdy children who slap at him or treat him roughly.

Activities Abound

Energetic and curious, the miniature pinscher requires daily activity not only to keep him happy and healthy, but to keep him out of trouble as well. Well-suited for apartment life, a daily walk and plenty of appropriate play toys satisfy his needs. If allowed to play in the yard, you must remember he will go to extraordinary efforts to escape and explore the outside world. He can squeeze through any opening large enough for your hand, and jump much higher than you would expect. The term "escape artist" is frequently used to describe the miniature pinscher. Quick to learn, miniature pinschers excel at obedience and agility competitions.

Little Grooming Required

An average shedder, the short, smooth coat of the miniature pinscher requires regular brushing, and bathing only when necessary. Wipe his body from head to tail with a warm, damp washcloth on a weekly basis, and trim his nails once every two weeks.

The Little Thief

Determined to examine every item in his domain, the miniature pinscher will snatch any small item he can find. Coins, pens, paperclips, cosmetics and any other small item you can imagine will find their way into his mouth if you aren't careful, presenting a choking hazard. He will find imaginative ways to reach items left on tables and countertops, so make sure you stow all small items and medications in a secure location out of his reach.