How To Pad a Crate for a Destructive Dog

Your dog may want attention if he's chewing.
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Choosing the right bedding for your dog’s crate is difficult enough, especially when you have a destructive dog who likes to explore by chewing on everything. You want him to be comfortable, but not at the expense of your time and wallet if you have to buy new bedding every week. While chew-proof bedding may cost more than traditional beds, the investment generally pays off in the long run.

Step 1

Measure both the length and width of the bottom of the crate. If it is a smaller crate and you can’t reach inside, turn it upside down and measure the bottom.

Step 2

Purchase a chew-resistant dog bed. Generally the chew-resistant beds have an outer shell consisting of nylon, such as Cordura or Ballistic, and heavy-duty vinyl. These materials are waterproof and help the chew-resistant bed dry faster than other dog beds.

Step 3

Pick the size that best fits your crate. Look for a bed that has a warranty that covers destructive dogs. This helps protect your investment.

Step 4

Cover the bottom of the crate with the chew-proof bed. Make sure the bed covers the entire bottom of the crate.


  • When cleaning the bed, follow the manufacturer's instructions since some chew-proof beds are made of special materials. Inspect your dog bed often and make sure there are no tears or rips.


  • Give your dog a chew toy or stuffed animal that gives him company and helps prevent him chewing on the bedding. Make sure your pooch gets enough exercise to help deter his chewing. If you see him chewing or scratching on his bed, simply say “no” in a stern voice until he stops.

Items You Will Need

  • Tape measure
  • Chew-resistant bedding