Are Parabens Harmful to Dogs?

Keep your pooch allergy-free by avoiding parabens in pet products.
Martin Poole/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Parabens are a cheap and effective preservative widely used by the cosmetics industry to prolong product shelf life and stop creams and shampoos from developing fungal growth. Since a 2004 study suggested a possible relation between parabens and human breast cancer, the debate over the dangers of parabens in human and pet products has continued, but reached no conclusion.

Parabens in Pooch Products

In view of the various scientific studies on parabens, many pup owners are opting to use parabens-free products just to be on the safe side. Parabens cause an allergic skin reaction in some pups and people. Primarily, you will find the preservatives in dog shampoos. Parabens also mimic estrogen, and a 1980s study on parabens sensitivity in dogs suggested that its usage on female pooches drives males wild and stimulates arousal when the ladies are not in estrus.

Check your pet pooch's beauty products for methyl, ethyl, propyl and butyl parabens. The FDA states that the small amounts present in products don't present a health risk to pets or people, but if you want to keep your pet parabens-free, change to one of the many parabens-free products.