Pekingese Grooming Styles

A Pekingese with a natural coat requires a lot of brushing.
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An ancient Chinese breed, the Pekingese is well known for its long, fluffy coat. If you're thinking of clipping your Peke's coat, you can select from different grooming styles. Which you choose depends on personal preference and how much time you have for brushing and maintenance.

Show Groom

The American Kennel Club requires that show dogs only be trimmed to accentuate their natural form. Any obvious clipping or sculpting is severely penalized in the ring. A show groom entails only a minor trim to even off the coat. The hair between the pads of the paws is also trimmed to avoid matting. For a dog with a show groom, the hair should be brushed and washed regularly.

Puppy Cut

Also known as a teddy cut, the coat for a puppy cut is clipped to around 1 inch all over the body. Your Pekingese's face should also be clipped short, and her tail fur can be trimmed to a length of your preference. This is a much easier way to keep your dog's fur, as it requires less maintenance than a full-length coat.

Lion Cut

The lion cut provides a cute and interesting way of clipping your Pekingese. In this cut, your dog's back, legs and are shaved to a length of roughly a half-inch, and her tummy is shaved to around 1 inch. The hair on her face, neck and shoulder is kept at its full length, as is a small tuft on the end of her tail. The goal of this cut is to be reminiscent of a lion's coat and mane.

Pet Trim

A pet trim is halfway between your Pekingese's natural coat and a puppy cut. The fur all over your dog will be cut to between 2 and 3 inches long. Rather than being cut evenly all over, the groomer will try to retain the shape of your dog's natural coat. This is the best of all worlds, as you get the attractive appearance of a natural coat but with less brushing required.