Pekingese Grooming Tips

Pekingese dogs have simutaneously sturdy and small physiques.
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The Pekingese is a native Chinese canine of relatively small size. These dogs are memorable not only for their long and thick coats but also for their distinctive and undeniably cute, somewhat flattened visages. Since the Pekingese has such a heavy coat, grooming it is at least a weekly job, no exceptions.

Coat Appearance

The options for Pekingese coat coloration are endless. Not only are their colors endless, their color pairings are, too. It isn't uncommon for these fur balls to have black facial markings, either. Many of them have white fur alongside another color. Pekingese dogs have double coats. Their lengthy fur is straight and somewhat rough to the touch, from the top layer. Their undercoats, however, are markedly smooth. Their tails, ears, toes and limbs all feature conspicuous, plumage-like fur, as well.

Brushing Importance

To properly maintain the appearance and comfort of a Pekingese pooch, a minimum of an hour of weekly brushing is an absolute must, according to the website for the American Kennel Club. They have luxurious undercoats that call for a lot of care. If their coats do not receive sufficient brushing, they often clump up into big mats and knots that are difficult to remove, not to mention unhealthy and unsightly. Although an hour per week is appropriate, the more frequently you can brush your Peke, the better. Daily coat attention is ideal. Pin brushes are generally effective.

Brushing Style

In brushing your Pekingese cutie, begin at the front of his physique. Then gradually move toward the rear section of his body. As you go along, focus on tiny segments of his fur rather than the entire coat all at once. Prevent fur breakage by making the coat lightly damp with a small spraying of H20.


Shedding isn't immoderate in Pekingese dogs, but definitely does happen from time to time. Make a point to regularly and diligently extract all dead and stray hairs from your Peke's coat by going through it with a slicker brush.


If the weather is hot, or if you just want to make coat maintenance a little easier on yourself, a good old-fashioned fur trim might go a long way. Take your pet to the groomer and ask her to clip some of the especially long hairs on the feet and limbs. Full body trims also can work well.


Nails are a crucial aspect in Pekingese grooming. Since the feet of dogs of this breed are frequently obscured by their fur, it's vital to routinely check up on them to make sure that the nails aren't growing overly long. Excessively long nails can be hazardous for a variety of reasons -- including the risk of snagging on things. Avoid dangerous possibilities and discomfort in your pet by keeping his nails trimmed.

Other Grooming Considerations

Pekingese dogs have somewhat "smushed" faces with prominent wrinkles on top of their noses. Carefully clean this area of your Peke's face daily as a means of preventing possible infection. Also make a point to examine his rear area in case there are any dried remnants of stool lingering. If you notice anything of this sort, a bath -- with canine shampoo -- is necessary. Pekes only need baths about every three months.