Personality Characteristics of Corgis

The corgi is generally observant and attentive.
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While you might find the corgi's long bodies on short legs absolutely adorable, you should definitely learn more about the industrious herding dog's personality characteristics before bringing one into your home. Two separate breeds of corgis exist, Pembroke Welsh corgis and Cardigan Welsh corgis. The latter breed has existed for longer.

Affectionate and Gentle

Corgis of both Pembroke and Cardigan breeds have in common a penchant for being around the people in their lives. Generally, they're extremely faithful to their favorite humans. Pembroke Welsh corgis love taking part in family pursuits, especially when they're in the middle of all the action. Cardigan Welsh corgis love making their trusted human family members happy. With the right socialization, both types of corgis tend to display jovial, pleasant and mild-mannered dispositions. Pembroke Welsh corgis are also spirited, lively and adventurous in temperament. Their Cardigan counterparts tend to be a little more laid-back and calm, according to author and canine expert Richard G. Beauchamp.

Farm Dogs at Heart

Pembroke Welsh corgis can be somewhat assertive in temperament. Because of that, they appreciate when they feel they're running things. They're natural herders, sometimes attempting to herd even their people. Although they adore living in open environments such as those on farms, they can do well in other types of residential quarters, but only if they get sufficient physical activity. Cardigan Welsh corgis who get enough exercise can manage in various types of residences, from smaller apartments to spacious rural manors.

In the Company of Others

As herding dogs, both Pembroke and Cardigan corgis tend to be aloof when in the presence of new and unfamiliar faces. Strong socialization, however, can often help with this. Pembroke and Cardigan corgis alike frequently do well in living alongside other pets. While Cardigan Welsh corgis often get along famously with cats and dogs, they sometimes can be a little feisty with fellow canines, so take note. Corgis across the board, with proper training and supervision, also typically do well with children.

Bright and Diligent

Welsh corgis tend to be extremely bright dogs. Training these corgis effectively usually is relatively simple and straightforward. They are usually diligent workers, perhaps due to their roots in herding work on farms in their homeland of Wales. Laziness is not a typical characteristic of corgis. Corgis historically have performed tasks from directing the movement of pigs and cattle to controlling rodent populations.

Barking Behaviors

Corgis in general are bark-happy creatures. This is because they're vigilant animals. If they for whatever reason sense that something is unusual, they don't hesitate to notify their owners about it by barking, barking and barking some more. When it comes to prized family members, corgis are serious about protection.