How Pet Strollers Help Injured Dogs Recover

A pet stroller allows an injured dog to enjoy a regular walk and keeps depression at bay.
Sean Gallup/Getty Images News/Getty Images

For a dog who is recovering from a recent injury or medical condition, or even a senior dog battling mobility problems, walking and getting outside may be a challenge. This can be extremely depressing and stressful for your dog, especially if he was used to living a very active lifestyle. Depression or stress can hinder a quick recovery and this is where pet strollers often aid in the recovery process.

I Want to Go for a Walk

Your active pooch looks forward to his daily walks with you, but when he is recovering from an injury, that walk is likely out of the question. He pouts in his dog bed as he sees you, and maybe your other dogs, prepare for your daily adventure. In this instance, a pet stroller solves the problem. The secure ride a pet stroller provides allows your dog to relax in comfort, allowing his injury to heal, while still letting him spend quality time outdoors with you.

Transportation Assistance

In addition to helping him get out and enjoy his recovery time, a pet stroller provides a safe way to transport your dog into and out of the vet’s office for injury follow-up visits. Given your dog may be required to keep weight off an injured limb, this often means you must carry him into the vet’s office. The stroller reduces the amount of time and distance you need to carry your pet, avoiding further injury.