Petmate Pet Fountain Instructions

Very often, pets perceive running water to be fresher than what is in their water dish. This may help explain why they often prefer to drink from a running hose or faucet. Animals which drink more water are less likely to develop certain diseases such as urinary tract infections or kidney and liver diseases. With the Petmate Pet Fountain, your pet can drink from a stream of fresh water which is automatically refilled from a reservoir as needed.

Pet Response

Your pet’s reaction to the fountain may depend on its age, temperament and breed; some may be nervous because of the moving water and low hum of the pump. You can place the water-filled unplugged unit next to the pet’s normal water bowl for about a week, then plug in the fountain. As they become used to the fountain, you can remove the normal water bowl, leaving only the fountain. If your pet shows any hesitation toward the fountain, you can also place bits of food or treats on the unit’s rim to encourage the animal to approach the fountain and drink the water.

Pump Instructions

If the pump stops working or makes gurgling sounds, it likely clogged from hair, food or dirt and needs to be cleaned. Turn off the fountain and unplug the unit from its power source. Empty the water that is in the fountain and turn it over to access the pump. Remove the pump intake top cover, pry up and remove the second cover then remove the impeller which is held in place by a magnetic force. Be careful not to damage the three white fins or magnet below the impeller. Clean the cylinder and area where the impeller magnet is located with a clean soft damp cloth and replace all the parts.

Filter/Cleaning Instructions

Check the charcoal filter after 30 days. If you only have one pet, the filter should be replaced every 60 to 90 days. More than one pet will require more frequent replacements. The fountain’s bowl, reservoir and plastic parts can be cleaned with mild dish soap. Add water to the storage reservoir when it appears low.

Common Problems

Hard water, dirt, hair, and food all may contribute to the fountain’s poor performance; however, cleaning the fountain will usually restore its power and operation.

If the unit makes air suction noise and a water gurgling sound, the water level is extremely low. Add water immediately to the water reservoir and bowl to ensure the pump does not burn out.

If the unit makes a vibrating noise, make sure the pump intake cover is securely snapped on tight. You can also check to see if the suction cups on the bottom of the pump are securely attached to the base.