Pit Bull Terriers Vs. Boerboels

Pit bulls and boerboels are well-suited for experienced dog owners.
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American pit bulls are strong, large, muscular dogs. Boerboels are, too. Pit bull terriers originated in England and Ireland, while boerboels were originally found in Africa. Both breeds have good muscle development and present sturdy stature. They exhibit confidence, strength and zest for life. Both breeds are loyal and dedicated to their human families.

History and Origin

In the 19th century, dog breeders in Scotland, Ireland and England crossbred bulldogs and terriers. English immigrants brought the resulting breed to the United States; the result is the strong, courageous, gentle dogs known today as American pit bulls. Boerboels have a more mysterious history; they are known collectively as the dog of many breeds.

When English settlers brought their mastiff-type large dogs and English long-legged bulldogs with them to the southern tip of south Africa, the two breeds were crossbred and later bred again with other native dogs within Africa. The interbreeding among the mastiff-type dog, the English long-legged bulldog and the other unidentified dog breeds resulted in the breed known today as the boerboel.

Coat and Color

American pit bulls have short coats that have minimal shedding. Coat colors include black and tan, black, brown, blue, red and yellow. Boerboels have medium short-haired coats that are dense and fine. Colors include brown, black and red. They have average shedding. Both breeds require minimal grooming.

Physical Appearance

American pit bulls are medium-sized. They have well-defined muscles and solid builds. Their heads are broad, with flat skulls and wide, deep muzzles. Their bodies are slightly longer than tall. The dogs have straight, broad backs and muscular chests. Their tails are short.

Boerboels have short, deep, square heads, broad and flat on top and with extended muscle development. Their muzzles are black with widely spaced nostrils. They have strong necks with loose skin under their throats. Their backs are broad and straight, and their chests are muscular and broad. Their entire bodies have well-toned muscle development. Their tails are straight and short.

Characteristics and Temperment

American pit bulls are enthusiastic, friendly, highly intelligent and eager to please. They love children and have willingness to work. They have natural agility that allows them to easily climb fences. Boerboels are highly intelligent and good with children. They are obedient and gentle. They are playful and affectionate toward their owners, children and other animals. Boerboels are self-assured, fearless guard dogs who will guard their families and homes with their lives.