Plantains & Dogs

Plantains are not a doggie threat.
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As far as food goes, doggies are generally up for whatever they see their favorite humans eating. That isn't always a good thing, however, as some human-friendly foods can be extremely dangerous to members of the canine world. Thankfully, yummy plantains are not part of that hazardous category. The plantain lily plant, however, is a different story.

About Plantains

Plantains look like big bananas, what with their lanky crescent moon shapes. Although they are indeed close kin, these fruit are markedly different from bananas in that they have much starchier textures and significantly less sweet flavoring. Bananas are noticeably smaller. Plantains are often easy to tell apart from bananas by color -- some of them have conspicuously dark peels.


If you are concerned about the safety of your dog eating plantains, do not be. Neither plantains or bananas are dangerous or toxic to dogs -- or cats or horses, according to the ASPCA. If your dog has a piece of plantain, do not panic. Pets sometimes experience symptoms of gastrointestinal upset when they eat new and unfamiliar food items, however, so always be attentive to things such as stomachache and loose stools in your cutie.

Plantain Lily

The addition of just one word can make a world of difference in canine safety. Although plantains the fruit aren't a hazard to your pooch, plantain lilies (Hosta plantaginea) certainly are. Not only are these plants a risk to dogs, but also to cats and horses. If your pet for whatever reason consumes any part of this plant, urgent veterinary attention is absolutely imperative. Look out for symptoms of plantain lily consumption in your precious pooch, including throwing up and loose and watery stools.

Dangerous Foods

Although plantains and bananas are non-toxic to your furry pals, the same cannot be said of all fruits and vegetables, unfortunately. This is why it is so crucial to be extremely careful with everything that goes into your pooch's sometimes gluttonous mouth. It also is important to supervise your dog whenever he's in any environment that features any agricultural crops. Some examples of fruits and veggies that are toxic to doggies are grapes, avocados, onions, shallots, scallions and garlic. Many fruits feature seeds or pits that are also a hazard to pets -- think the pits of both cherries and apricots.