Are Pomapoo Dogs Hypoallergenic?

A cross between the toy poodle and the Pomeranian, the Pomapoo is a small and social creature that may be marketed as hypoallergenic. Despite this reputation, though, the Pomapoo is not a hypoallergenic dog -- there is no such thing. All dogs have the potential to trigger allergies, including this crossbreed, though the Pomapoo's genetic makeup may make him slightly more friendly to those without strong allergies.

No Hypoallergenic Breeds

The extent to which a dog triggers someone's allergies is determined not by his breed, but by his shedding. All dogs have the proteins in their fur and skin that trigger allergic reactions, so there is no true hypoallergenic breed. The more a dog sheds, though, the more those proteins spread through the air on fur and dead skin cells. The less he sheds, the less dander and fur is in the air. Pomapoos may shed relatively little, but this depends heavily on their breeding and genetics. It isn't something you can control or predict easily, and while it may make this breed less agitating to your allergies, it doesn't make him hypoallergenic.