Pomeranian Grooming Cuts and Hairstyles

The lion look is classic for the Pom.
George Doyle & Ciaran Griffin/Stockbyte/Getty Images

The full, fluffy double coat of the Pomeranian requires regular grooming at least a couple of times a week to help control shedding and remove mats. As with any double-coated breed, preventing tangles not only make your Pom look better but saves time down the road. On the bright side, haircuts and trimmings on the Pomeranian can be done in a snap.


Properly brushing your Pom every day or two helps keep his coat mat free and limits shedding. With your pup lying on his left side, brush the right side of his coat using the line method to get down to the thick undercoat. Starting at the front right shoulder, hold a 4-inch section of hair out from his body and brush under it with a curved-bristle slicker brush. Brush in the direction of the hair growth, working away from the part. Pick up the just brushed portion and brush under it. Continue down the Pom’s side until the right side is complete. Roll him over and repeat the brushing process on the left side. Brush his chest and tail with him standing up. After brushing your Pomeranian’s entire coat, run a metal comb through it to ensure all mats are gone.


Place cotton balls in your Pom’s ears to keep the water out. With warm water, wet your Pom’s coat thoroughly. Add a small amount of shampoo that does not produce heavy suds onto her coat. Massage the shampoo into the thick undercoat. Avoid rubbing, this may cause tangles. Rinse the shampoo out until the water appears clear. With a clean towel, pat dry the Pom's coat. Finish up by blow drying her hair on low setting while brushing the fur upward.

Cut and Trim

Minimal trimming is required for the Pomeranian. You should never completely clip or shave the coat, as it may not grow back properly. The best haircut for the Pom is the natural hair growth. Shape the coat with thinning shears and remove only the long, stray hairs from the Pom's fur. Around the head, keep the hair in a long, circular mane like a lion. Trim and blend stray hairs on the front of his feet and legs with the thinning shears. Trim only long hair on the front of the legs in the knee region to keep the knees from appearing knobby.

Grooming Tips

At an early age, teach your pup to lay on his side for brushing. Spritz the coat with a light leave-in conditioner before brushing to prevent splint ends. Avoid conditioner with silicon in it; this may weigh down the naturally fluffy coat. Use an over-the-counter tear stain remover and cotton swabs to clean the dark stains from under your Pom’s eyes, since they tend to “cry” or produce tears. If the discharge has an odor, contact your veterinarian. Have a professional groomer trim your Pomeranian’s toenails and anal area about once a month. Also, have her trim the ears if necessary.