Pomeranian Haircut Styles

Pom puppies should be taught early to lie still for grooming.
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The Pomeranian is a handsome dog with a distinctive foxlike expression. His coat is glorious and plentiful, and it comes in many colors, red and gold the most common. These little dogs are full of energy and outgoing. Owners should make sure their dogs are always clean and groomed, because Poms always draw attention.

Pomeranian Coat Basics

Grom your Pom to be a champion.
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Pomeranians are the smallest of the Nordic dog breeds, and they share many qualities with their canine cousins. The Pom is closely related to keeshonden, Samoyeds, chows, Siberian huskies, Finnish spitzes and other northern breeds. All of these have beautiful double coats, with downy, soft undercoats and upper guard hair. None of these breeds are traditionally cut -- American Kennel Club breed standards specify that coats should remain natural, not clipped, for these dogs. If you have any interest in entering your Pom in dog shows, don't cut her hair. If your dog is purely a pet, do what you like. Your Pom's hairstyle can reflect your personal preferences.

The Look of a Lion

The lion clip borrows style from ferocious felines.
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Although the American Kennel Club breed standard standard prohibits clipping Pomeranians' hair, some Pom owners enjoy having their dogs styled with shapely haircuts. A style known as the lion clip has become fashionable. Most professional groomers can create the look, but ambitious pet owners can study the lion clip and create it themselves. With this look, the Pom's hair is cut close to the body, except at key body parts. The hair on the neck and chest are left long, creating a "lion's mane." Optional fluff balls can be left on the tip of the tail and the feet.

The Teddy Bear Cut

Medical necessities sometimes require that dogs' coats be clipped.
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Another popular clip is a simple teddy bear. This cut may be the solution for Pom owners who need to simplify their grooming responsibilities. The teddy bear is clipped within an inch of the body with wisps of hair left near the face and possibly the tail. This cut is a good fix for neglected dogs who have become matted. Other reasons to clip to a teddy bear cut include surgery, when the dog must be shaved for medically necessary reasons. The teddy bear may be the best option for regrowing the original coat. Hot spots or other skin problems may be easier to treat when the dog has a short coat.

Tools for the Job

You need the right tools to keep your dog looking fabulous.
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Regardless of your Pomeranian's coat style, you will need a few tools to keep the dog looking good. A slicker brush with thin, wiry bristles should be your first grooming tool purchase. This rakelike brush removes dead hair from the coat, and detangles. When using the slicker, part the hair to the skin and brush from the skin out. Repeat until you've brushed the whole body. Other brushes, a good metal comb, a hand-held blow-dryer and nail clippers are must-haves. Scissors and clippers are needed only if you chose a sculptured and clipped look. Grooming your dog regularly keeps him looking good and feeling good. A few sessions each week will do the trick.