Praziquantel for Dogs

If your pup's afraid of needles, he can take praziquantel in tablet form.
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Maybe your dog picked up tapeworm when he ingested a flea during his daily grooming, or perhaps he snagged an infected rabbit. It doesn't really matter how he got the parasite; getting rid of it's the important thing. Praziquantel will do the job nicely, either in tablet form or injected by the vet.

Praziquantel to the Rescue

If your pup's been confirmed to have tapeworm, that worm needs to go. The vet will likely use praziquantel, commercially known as Droncit or Drontal, to kill the pesky parasite. Praziquantel is a popular choice because it's easy to use and in most cases, only needs one dose. The medicine works by damaging the worm's ability to feed from your pup's intestinal tract, causing the parasite to eventually disintegrate and pass through your dog's poop. Side effects are few, though there may be a bit of a sting from an injection, as well as a bit of swelling at the injection site. The tablet is bitter, and about 5 percent of animals taking praziquantel orally experience nausea. Praziquantel is also included with other medications in anti-parasite formulations to prevent a host of parasite infections, including heartworm, roundworm and hookworm, usually in topical form. The medicine is safe for puppies over 4 weeks old, however it's always smart to let your vet know you're giving your dog any medication.