Prazosin for Dogs

Medication can treat high blood pressure in dogs, but cannot cure the condition.
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Prazosin is an alpha blocker originally intended to treat prostate enlargement and high blood pressure in humans. Today, however, the same medication can be used to treat similar conditions in dogs as well. While Prazosin has been used by veterinarians for the treatment of canine health conditions, the FDA has not approved the drug for use on dogs officially.

Canine High Blood Pressure

Vets frequently prescribe Prazosin to treat high blood pressure in dogs. The chemicals in the drug cause vasodilatation, which means the blood vessels in the dog's body relax so the blood can flow through them more easily. As a result, the dog's blood pressure decreases and her heart does not have to work as hard. Some vets have also used Prazosin to treat canine congestive heart failure.

Canine Urinary Conditions

As an alpha blocker, Prazosin also can treat some canine urinary conditions. The alpha blocker works by stimulating certain receptors in the dog's body so they cause the muscles around the urinary tract, including those around the prostate and bladder, to relax. This relaxation makes urination easier. Consequently, the drug can be used for dogs who suffer from prostatic hyperplasia (an enlarged prostate), ureterolithiasis (stones that form in the tube connecting the bladder and kidneys), and urolithiasis (urinary stones). Always consult an experienced veterinarian regarding the health and treatment of your pet.