How to Prevent Clipper Burns on Dogs

A good grooming and clipping should feel good for your dog.
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A clipper burn is an area of irritated or burned skin where electric clippers have cut a dog's fur close to the skin. Such burns are most common in areas where the fur has been cut very short as well as on sensitive places, such as the neck, face, tummy and genital areas.

Blade Changes

Hot blades are biggest cause of clipper burns; to avoid the problem, change blades frequently, especially for bigger jobs. Check the blades frequently for heat buildup, using your inner wrist where the skin is most sensitive as a guide. Keep spare blades handy to facilitate quick changes.

Blade Maintenance

Dull, rusted or dirty clippers drag along the fur and skin rather than make a clean cut. Blades should be cleaned frequently, at least after each clipping, and during a clipping if the dog is dirty and matted. Oil the blades every day to keep all of the parts moving freely.

Sensitive Skin

Some dogs have very sensitive skin that becomes irritated with every clip or grooming job, even when you do it properly, taking all the right precautions. For these dogs, change blades frequently, use only the sharpest blades and apply a soothing ointment afterward to relieve the inevitable irritation.