How to Prevent Your Dog From Biting on Wires

Appropriate chewing items can keep your dog from biting wires.
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If Fido is biting on wires around the house, you might soon be looking at costly repairs. To make matters worse, his bad habit is dangerous and can potentially be fatal. Whether you're dealing with an adult dog who's bored and craves your attention or a teething puppy, immediately put a stop to his inappropriate wire-biting behavior. Teach Fido right from wrong so he learns which items he's allowed to chew and bite on -- it'll save you money and might just save his life.

Step 1

Observe your dog and redirect him to appropriate items he can bite on. Blow a whistle or clap your hands when you catch him biting on wires. This will startle him so he stops chomping on the wires. Show him a chew toy or bone, and when he shows interest in it, overwhelm him with praise. Do this each time you catch him in the act and eventually your dog will prefer the toy or bone over the wires because of the extra attention he's getting from you.

Step 2

Confine your dog to a wire-free room or place him in his crate when you're unable to watch him. If he has no access to wires, he can't get in any trouble.

Step 3

Hide visible wires behind furniture so your pet companion can't get to them. Alternatively, cover them with plastic wire sleeves.

Step 4

Spray dog repellent on the wires in your home. When your pet companion goes to satisfy his wire-biting fetish, he'll dislike the taste of the repellent and will leave the wires alone.

Step 5

Provide your dog with daily exercise sessions. Take him for walks and run and play with him. This will make him tired so he's less likely to have energy to bite on wires.


  • Avoid disciplining your pet companion after the damage is done -- he won't know what he's being punished for and will only learn to fear you.


  • Unplug all wires before leaving your dog home alone, just to be safe.

Items You Will Need

  • Whistle
  • Chew toy or bone
  • Dog crate
  • Wire sleeves
  • Dog repellent