How to Prevent a Dog From Drinking Water Too Fast

by Deborah Lundin

Elevating your dog's water bowl can help to slow down the gulping.

If your dog gulps down water faster than you can blink, determine whether this is a behavior or a sign of an underlying problem. Before assuming a behavior, talk with your veterinarian to rule out conditions that may cause your dog to drink excessively. Have your veterinarian evaluate his dog food. Foods low in moisture or high in sodium increase the need for water. After ruling out any medical conditions, consider your options.

Step 1

Purchase an elevated water and food bowl or place your dog’s water and food bowl on an elevated surface. This works well for large dogs that must stretch their neck and reach down to drink. When a dog stretches, he must drink against gravity. This requires forceful gulping. Raising the water bowl may reduce this. But keep in mind that raising the water bowl may also cause the dog to drink too quickly, exacerbating the issue.

Step 2

Purchase a floater bowl. Such bowls use a floating dish that allows only small amounts of water into the dish at a time. Even though the bowl may be full, the dog's limited in how much water your dog can gulp down.

Step 3

Add ice cubes to his water bowl. Slow down his drinking by offering a distraction with a natural floating toy in his bowl. He will drink slowly as he tries to catch the ice or nuzzle it out of the way.

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