Where Do Puggles Come From?

He's the "pug" in puggle.
Chris Amaral/Digital Vision/Getty Images

If you wonder what happens when you cross two relatively small, cute dog breeds, here's one answer: If the dogs in question are the beagle and the pug, the result is the puggle. However, these two breeds don't have that much in common other than size and adorability. That makes their offspring something of a question mark regarding the grown dogs' behavior.

Puggle Traits

Ideally, the puggle combines the best qualities of both breeds. It's a good bet that your puggle puppy will grow up to be friendly, dog-and-cat tolerant but not easy to train, since those are beagle and pug characteristics. If your puggle inherits the worst traits of both breeds, you might have a dog who loves to roam -- the beagle side -- but has no aptitude for finding his way home -- the pug. No matter which side of the canine family he favors, he won't require much grooming.