Do Pulis Shed?

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The Hungarian puli doesn't shed, so you don't have to worry about getting dog hair all over your house if you live with this breed. However, the long, corded coat requires a lot of care. All sorts of debris can get tangled up in the hair. The full coat doesn't come in until a puli's third year. By his fifth birthday, the coat reaches the ground.

Puli Coat Maintenance

Because his coat is a dirt and small foreign object magnet, your puli's hair requires regular inspection. You'll have to separate the cords constantly so they don't form mats. Frequent bathing isn't an option -- it can literally take days for the dog to dry naturally, so you'll spend hours with a blow dryer. This smart, friendly dog is more than a walking mop. If you don't show and don't care for cords, you can trim back the coat for easy maintenance.


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