Do Puppies Eat Celery?

A little cut up celery is fine for your pup. Not this much.
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One aspect of responsible doggie ownership is knowing the ins and outs of food safety. Although not all fruits and vegetables are safe for your little puppy, some -- such as celery -- are. Canine tastes vary; while some may love to chomp a juicy chunk, others may completely snub it.


Celery is a safe and healthy veggie to occasionally feed your cutie, according to the Viva Pets website. Not only does the vegetable have fiber that contributes to a well-rounded doggie diet, it has an extremely low caloric content. Because of that factor, the Michigan Humane Society advocates the vegetable as a healthy treat for canine weight management. Celery is nontoxic, but the bottom line is, some puppies may enjoy eating it and others may not.

Small Portions

Keep portions small -- think two or three short lengths of cut celery, for instance. New foods can trigger tummy distress in canines, especially when introduced suddenly. If you observe any indication of digestive troubles in your doggie, whether bellyache or diarrhea, you might have given too much -- but it's a good idea to refrain from allowing her to eat celery again.


Celery is sometimes an ingredient in canine treat recipes. If you want to stuff a yummy special treat inside one of your pup's toys as a fun and interactive eating activity, the ASPCA recommends a chicken stew recipe that has celery, tomatoes, lettuce, chicken breast, brown rice, bell peppers, broccoli and green beans. A major "yum" for Fido indeed.

Treats for Puppies

If you feel your fluff ball appreciates celery as an occasional treat or as the rare prize for a special moment, either is acceptable as long as you practice moderation. A puppy's nutrition needs to come from dry and wet foods that are made just for puppies -- full of the correct amounts of proteins, fats, vitamins and supplements. If you want to offer your well-behaved puppy celery as a rare treat, never allow it to surpass 5 percent of her daily food consumption. This applies to all other types of safe doggie treats, of course. Celery will be lower in calories than commercial treats, but the fiber requires you limit them nonetheless.

Other Vegetables

Seek the advice of your veterinarian before you give your puppy any food that is outside of her normal diet, celery included. Not all vegetables are safe for pets. Some, in fact, are toxic and dangerous, including onions and garlic. Never let your puppy eat any human food without the OK of the vet. Your dog's safety comes first, no matter what.