How to Help a Puppy Who Cries to Sleep on the Bed

Once your puppy gets comfortable in your bed, it can be a rough transition to get him back out.
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It is hard to say no to a sweet puppy face, but sleeping with an adult dog is not everyone's idea of a good time. A puppy who learns he can whine to get his way will grow into a nuisance as an adult, so the best way to deal with a puppy who cries to get into the bed is to shut him down immediately, don't let him in the bed, provide him with his own spot and get down on his level when you want to play and cuddle.

Get your puppy a crate. Of course your puppy would prefer cuddling up with you to sleep, but you probably won't get much sleep that way, and it starts a habit you may not want to continue into adulthood. When your puppy sleeps in a crate he cannot get into trouble, either by chewing or having accidents.

Decide where he should sleep. If you can stand a few nights of whining, locating the crate in your bedroom allows your puppy to feel secure since you are nearby. If the noise he makes while he gets used to the crate is a problem, set the crate up in the laundry room, kitchen or other spot.

Set your puppy up for success. As you have noticed, your puppy loves nothing more than attention and play time with his family. To help soothe him at night, when he is separated from you, use an old T-shirt or other article of clothing as his bedding. Don't pull it straight out of the drawer and place it in the crate; instead, wear it around for several hours first so it has your scent on it.

Wait him out. Take your puppy outside to use the bathroom right before bed, make sure he has eaten and played so he will be comfortable, then put him in the crate. Some whining and crying is normal, but plan on getting up midway through the night to take your puppy outside. Take him straight out to use the bathroom, then back to the crate -- don't play or cuddle him during this trip.

Spend time with him during the day. Make sure you play with your puppy, cuddle him and groom him every day. A puppy that doesn't get enough attention during the day will seek it out when he is alone at night. A tired puppy is a content one, so make sure you spend time playing with your puppy before bed.

Items You Will Need

  • Crate
  • Article of your clothing to use as bedding