How to Get Your Puppy to Poo in the Same Spot

Designating one specific spot for your puppy to poo will help keep your yard clean.
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House-training is hard enough on its own; getting your puppy to poo in the same spot every time is a real trick. If you're designating a specific spot in your yard for your pup to do his business, be as patient and consistent as possible to ensure your puppy's success. If your dog is already house-trained, the process will go a bit faster; if you're starting from scratch, expect things to take longer. If your puppy still has frequent accidents after 8 months of age, bring him to your vet for a full evaluation.

Step 1

Feed your puppy at the same time every day so your house-training is on schedule. If your puppy eats between meals, he'll begin pooping at random times during the day, which will make house-training more difficult.

Step 2

Take your pup outside every hour, soon after meals, and after he takes a nap or spends time playing. Your puppy will need to go when he wakes in the morning, before he goes to bed at night, and after being left alone for any period of time.

Step 3

Lead him to the designated spot in the yard for him to do his business, and then command him to "Go Potty." In the beginning, you may need to take him out on a leash to keep him in the right place. Once he gets used to the routine, he should follow you willingly.

Step 4

Reward him with praise or treats immediately after he poos in the right spot in your yard. Pet him and let him know what a good job he's done.

Step 5

Clap your hands sharply twice if you catch your pup pooping anywhere other than the designated potty spot in your yard. The goal is to startle him; don't try to scare your pet into obeying. When he stops going, bring him over to the appropriate spot and stand there with him for a while. Use the Go Potty command to let him know he's in the correct place. He may not be able to go again, but he needs to be reminded of the correct place to use in the future.

Step 6

Ignore accidents. If you find a pile of poo in your home or yard, clean it up without scolding or punishing your puppy. Your pup won't make a connection between the accident and punishment unless the two events happen together.

Step 7

Place soiled newspapers or other materials into the designated potty area instead of throwing them away. This will encourage your puppy to poo in the right place.

Step 8

Clean sites of old accidents with an enzymatic cleanser to get rid of stinky odors that will attract your puppy. If a corner or tree smells like a potty to your pup, he'll continue to use it like one.


  • You can train your dog to poo in one spot from the beginning, or you can train an already house-broken dog to do his business in one designated area. Either way, the process is essentially the same.

Items You Will Need

  • Dog treats
  • Enzymatic cleanser