Purina Pro Plan Analysis

It's important to purchase a dog food that promotes a healthy lifestyle, based on your dog's size and age.
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Purina Pro Plan uses real meat, fish, or poultry to increase your dog’s bioavailability, which refers to the way in which your dog absorbs nutrition. There are four different types of Purina Pro Plan, including Savor, Sport, Focus and Select. Purina offers a Pro Plan for each life stage of your dog, as well as in dry, wet or snack form.

Purina Pro Plan Savor

In total, there are 31 Pro Plan Savor products. These include a single version for puppies, as well as many Savor products for adult dogs and seniors. Many of the products in the Savor line promote weight loss by including probiotic fiber as an ingredient, as well as additional protein to help protect muscle mass. Dog food rating site, Dog Food Advisor, warns that the Savor line includes gluten, an inferior grain-based protein, which lowers the essential amino acids your dog needs.

Purina Pro Plan Sport

There are seven Pro Plan Sport products. Sport is designed for athletic dogs, as each product targets your dog’s activity level, and is designed for a dog with that ability. For instance, the Sport Adult Prime Bar Pre-Exercise Nutritional Supplement is designed for dogs with an above average activity level, such as one who jogs daily. Sport products include amino acids that help nourish your dog’s muscles, and are formulated to support joint health and mobility. The Sport line includes real chicken, but Dog Food Advisor warns that chicken loses a lot of moisture after cooking, which reduces its original weight, meaning there’s probably less chicken content in the finished product than what’s listed in the ingredients.

Purina Pro Plan Focus

Each Focus product is formulated for your dog’s size and age. There are 23 Pro Plan Focus products. Focus Adult Giant Breed Formula is designed for large breeds, such as the English mastiff. There are also Focus products for small and toy dog breeds, which include smaller kibble to make chewing easier. The main ingredient is chicken in most of the Focus products, though Dog Food Advisor warns that some of the chicken’s moisture has been lost during cooking.

Purina Pro Plan Select

There are 31 Pro Plan Select products. Select is designed for “everyday excellence,” meaning that this dog food provides nutrition for a healthy and active life. In general, Select products are designed for adult dogs, but there is a single formula for puppies and another for senior dogs. All of Select’s products contain a high level of protein which helps maintain a healthy body condition. Dog Food Advisor warns that Select products contain wheat, which has modest nutritional value and is typically used as filler in dog food.