How to Put Together a Flexi Dog Leash

Inspect your dog's collar before each walk to ensure it is not faulty or breaking.
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Flexi USA manufactures retractable dog leashes to provide your pet with more room to roam and explore when he is walking. Each Flexi leash purchase includes a safety collar to prevent accidents to dog walkers. If a dog collar breaks under stress while using a retractable leash it can snap backward and cause injuries to the human. Correct attachment of the leash to a collar and safety collar provides safe exercise for both your pet and yourself. Walking briskly for about 30 minutes with your pet gives you both daily exercise.

Step 1

Call your dog to you and ask him to sit. Put his dog collar on him if he is not wearing it. Place his collar around his neck and either snap it on or buckle it, depending on the type of collar he wears.

Step 2

Turn the collar so that the D-ring on his collar is on the back of his neck.

Step 3

Stand behind your dog with the Flexi safety collar in your hand and the leash in a pocket.

Step 4

Hold the safety collar with one hand on the ring on each end. Place the center of the safety collar around his neck in the front. Align each safety collar ring with the dog collar D-ring. There will be one safety collar ring on each side and the D-ring is in the middle.

Step 5

Pull the Flexi leash out of your pocket and open the snap. Insert the hook end through all three collar rings. Release the snap to close it over the collars. Give the leash a slight tug to make certain it is properly connected and the snap is fully closed.

Step 6

Give your furry friend some dog treats for being patient while you ready him for a walk.


  • Do not connect a Flexi leash to your dog’s ID tag ring. This ring is smaller and not sturdy enough for a leash.

  • Train your dog on short walks in a confined area with a retractable leash until he is well under control. Longer lengths give him more strength to run to the end of the leash and knock you off balance.


  • Purchase a retractable leash based on the weight limit on the package, rather than the color, style or logo on it. Flexi has cord, belt and tape leashes for all sizes of dogs.

  • If your pet is a puppy and will become a large dog, purchase the leash for larger breeds.

  • Choose a leash for a larger size dog if you are small in stature to help you keep him under control.

  • Retract a leash before coming near objects that your furry friend can wrap around and cause a leash to break.

Items You Will Need

  • Dog collar
  • Flexi safety collar
  • Dog treats