How to Get Qualified for a Seizure Service Dog

Service dogs make good companions.
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Qualifying for a seizure service dog is a simple matter of meeting the requirements for those who require aid. Service dogs are provided to help people with difficulties ranging from the physical to the mental. Seizure service dogs can often smell the chemical change that occurs moments before a seizure hits. Typically, the person seeking a service dog will have already been diagnosed with a debilitating condition. Your doctor can help you locate an agency which supplies seizure service dogs. Once you've contacted the agency, they will walk you through the process of receiving a dog.

Be diagnosed with a condition that causes seizures.

Continue having break-through seizure episodes, even though you are on medication and following doctor's instructions.


Require aid or intervention during a seizure episode.


Consult your doctor about receiving aid from a seizure service dog. Your doctor will provide you with contact information for available service dog programs.


Contact the service dog organization and fill out their application forms. They will help you through the process.