Raising a Morkie Puppy

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The Maltese-Yorkie mix goes by a few cheerfully arranged monikers: the yorktese, malkie and morkie. A cross of two small breeds -- the Yorkshire terrier and the Maltese -- a morkie can be distinguished from other small lap-dogs by her long floppy ears and her multicolored silky coat. Morkies are an intelligent mix, and possess a sweet temperament.


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Morkies, like their Yorkie parents, are susceptible to hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar. To help prevent the onset of hypoglycemia, either allow your morkie to feed freely, or feed her four to five times a day. At the same time, avoid feeding her table scraps or human food. If your morkie is already hypoglycemic, supplements loaded with extra energy will help keep her blood sugar in check. You can feed these supplements to your dog every three to four hours, after checking with your vet.


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Morkies are a breed that requires quite a bit of specialized care. For starters, morkies require daily brushing to prevent their long fur from becoming matted and tangled. In addition to the brushing, trimming and grooming should occur every three to six weeks, depending upon the season. To help spread out expensive grooming trips, clip the fur near the eyes at home - this highly sensitive area is prone to overgrowth that can irritate your morkie's eyes. Morkie fur also tends to build up oils quickly, requiring more bathing than most dogs.

Housebreaking and Training

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Small dogs are notoriously difficult to housebreak -- but this isn't impossible. A little time and focused dedication will help instill habits in your little morkie that will lead to full housebroken behavior. Use indoor potty pads for your little dog, praising her every time she uses them correctly. Over the course of a couple weeks, move her potty pads closer to the door. Soon, she will be going to the door to indicate that she needs to go outside. In addition to house training, take your morkie to puppy obedience classes. Obedience training with other puppies will keep your morkie socialized and deepen her bond with you.

Vaccinations and Healthcare

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Find a local vet who is skilled with hybrid and small-breed dogs. Common vaccines for puppies prevent parvo, distemper and rabies. Keep your puppy indoors for the first few weeks of her life with you, as she needs both time and vaccines to develop immunity to the waste of other dogs and animals outdoors.



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