How to Remove Gum From Dog Paws

Chewing gum on the paw can be painful and a pain to remove.
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By the time you realize your dog has stepped in gum, it's probably worked its way into the pad, in between the toes and into the hair. Small sticks and pebbles can get stuck in this gum, causing your dog pain and irritation. Obviously, you need to the gum as soon as possible. Gum removal from the paw is not a simple task. Patience and TLC are key.

At-Home Solution

You may be able to cut away some gum, but don't go in between toes with scissors. To get the rest of the gum off, saturate with household products such as peanut butter, olive oil or mayonnaise. The oils in these products can break up the gum. wipe the paw clean with soapy water. Take breaks, and rinse away residue.

The Groomer

You can take your dog to a groomer, who may be able to work her magic to get the gum out of your dog's paw. If your groomer isn't able to get all of the gum off, you may have to let the remaining gum wear off naturally.