How to Remove Saliva Stains From a Dog's Coat

Those pinkish-red stains on your pet's fur are probably saliva, although food allergies or yeast infections cause similar stains.
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Saliva stains turn white and light-hued dog fur pinkish-red. Before treating the stains, inspect your pet for cuts or scrapes and withhold treatment until these heal so you don't irritate the skin. Try several treatments until you find one that works well for your furry friend.

Step 1

Trim back long hair to remove the reddish stained area, using pet grooming scissors. This will remove some problem areas and minimize the redness.

Step 2

Try pet wipes, which are like baby wipes for your furry one. Holding the wipe in one hand, gently rub the areas of your pet's fur that show saliva stains. These wipes are good for getting saliva stains from your pup's beard or in between his paws. These work well for daily cleanups of saliva stains and offer quick treatment.

Step 3

Wash your pet with a whitening pet shampoo to remove the reddish saliva stains from her coat. Take care not to get suds in your pup's eyes when washing.

Step 4

Dip a cotton ball in hydrogen peroxide, then wipe the saliva stain with the peroxide. Allow the peroxide to penetrate the saliva stain for up to one minute, then rinse your dog's fur with cool water.


  • Repeat the treatments as needed to keep your dog clean.

Items You Will Need

  • Pet scissors
  • Pet wipes
  • Whitening pet shampoo
  • Cotton ball
  • Hydrogen peroxide