How to Get Rid of Dog Eye Tear Stains

Tear stains can be a sign that something is wrong.
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If your canine has light-colored fur, odds are you’ve had to battle with tear stains around his eyes. Getting rid of stains starts with his diet and also requires you to do daily cleanings.

Internal Treatments

Your local pet store should have products you can add to your pup’s diet that get rid of some of the yeast that triggers the eye stains. But because these types of products often contain a type of antibiotic, get clearance from your vet before using them. Your vet could also suggest making changes to your dog’s kibble to prevent tear stains from occurring.

Topical Solutions

Make your furry friend’s grooming part of your daily routine. While you’re getting ready for work and again when you’re getting ready for bed, clean the area around his eyes with a warm water-soaked cotton ball. You can also purchase special wipes designed for this purpose. Adding a smidge of petroleum jelly to the fur under his eyes can prevent stain-producing fluids from sticking until his next cleaning.


Before getting rid of those unsightly stains though, take your cuddly chum to the vet. Tear stains mean that your pooch is making an excessive amount of tears or that his tear ducts aren’t draining properly. Your vet needs to check his eyes to make sure they’re completely healthy.