What is a Safe Bone or Chew Toy for My Mouthy Dog?

Chewing and mouthing is a natural instinct that can be properly channeled with good chew toys and bones.
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If your dog blows through toys as if they're not a challenge, you may have an exceptionally mouthy dog on your hands. Some dog breeds and individuals, especially bully breeds and other powerful dogs, are strong chewers, and many toys just don't hold up under their jaws. There are several great options for aggressive chewers available in pet stores today.


Kong toys were some of the first to be developed and marketed for strong chewing dogs. They are a rubber, beehive-shaped hollow chew toy designed to be nearly indestructible. Dog owners like to put peanut butter or kibble in the hollow of the Kong for their dog's enrichment. Veterinarians recommend Kongs because they are highly durable and will not break apart, even under great gnawing pressure.


Nylabones are bone-shaped compressed nylon chew toys that are great for heavy-chewing dogs. Though dogs will be able to chew off tiny pieces of the Nylabone, veterinarians say the bits will be small enough to pass through dogs' digestive systems harmlessly.


Orbee products come in bone and ball shapes, and are made of recycled, indestructible material. Options include balls on ropes for more intense chewers, and hollowed-out bones that are more pliable and better suited for senior or very young dogs with less aggressive chewing tendencies. Like the Kong, Orbee has very high durability ratings and is recommended by veterinarians.


If your dog is an aggressive chewer, always examine his toys to make sure he's not breaking off pieces that could cause him to choke. Make sure your dog's chew toy is the right size for him -- small dogs and puppies should have smaller, more flexible chew toys, while larger dogs should have bigger toys that are scaled to their size.