Is It Safe to Own a Mastiff & a Yorkie?

Mastiffs are one of the largest, strongest dog breeds.
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When choosing a dog it is essential to consider the temperamental and physical attributes of a breed, especially when planning to bring different breeds into the same home. Both mastiffs and Yorkshire terriers (Yorkies) have unique qualities that require special consideration.


The Mastiff is one of the largest, heaviest dog breeds. In height, they range from about 27 to 30 inches. They generally weigh between 150 to 160 lbs., though their weight can exceed 200 lbs. They are very muscular, powerful dogs.

The Yorkshire terrier, on the other hand, is one of the smallest breeds. They range from 7 to 8 inches tall and weigh between 4 and 7 lbs. Yorkies have very brittle bones and must be handled gently, especially in play.


Mastiffs are often described as intelligent and calm, though they are also known for being territorial. They are naturally dominant and must be carefully trained so that they perceive all other members of the household as having dominance over them.

Yorkshire terriers are known for their unpredictable moods. They can be docile and affectionate at times, but are also known for territorial behavior such as frequent barking and chasing other dogs.They are known for being intelligent, inquisitive and willful.

Interaction With Other Dogs

Mastiffs are loyal, protective dogs. They are prone to perceiving themselves dominant over other pets and can be jealous for their owner's attention.

Yorkshire Terriers are aggressive and territorial. Seemingly unaware of their size, they can be especially aggressive toward larger dogs and are possessive of food and toys. Larger dogs may view the Yorkie as food, due to it's small size.


Though both Yorkshire terriers and mastiffs have the potential to make loyal, affectionate and intelligent pets on their own, their physical and behavioral characteristics can also clash. Mastiffs are one of the largest breeds while Yorkies are one of the smallest. Mastiffs are likely to hurt small children and other pets due to their large size and tendencies toward dominance, while Yorkies are likely to be hurt by larger dogs due to their incomprehension of their own diminutive size and their tendencies toward aggressive interaction. Both breeds are territorial and both require special training and care.

Though it is not unheard of for a mastiff and Yorkshire terrier to interact without fatality, the outcome of their meeting is dependent on the unique temperaments and backgrounds of both dogs. Considering all aspects of character and physicality, it is not advisable to bring them into the same home as pets.