Is It Safe to Use Lemon Ammonia for Dog Urine?

Cleaning accidents correctly can prevent future accidents.
Chris Amaral/Photodisc/Getty Images

Whether your dog is going through the housebreaking process or is already fully housebroken, accidents can happen. What you do when you find the unpleasant surprise greatly determines whether your furry pal will continue to soil the same area. Neutralizing the scent of his urine is essential, because if he can still smell it, you're bound to find future accidents in the same spot.

Lemon Ammonia

Using lemon ammonia, or any other cleaning agent that contains ammonia, to clean your dog's urine or other areas of the house is not a good idea. Although ammonia is present in many cleansers because of its germ-killing quality, it's also one of the chemicals present in your pet companion's urine. When your dog smells the ammonia, he might confuse it with his urine and feel the urge to soil in the same area again.

Cleaning Accidents

Instead of an ammonia-based cleanser, use a commercial, enzymatic pet stain and odor remover to clean your furry pal's urine. These cleansers break down the bacteria in the urine and eliminate the scent. After thoroughly rinsing the stain with water and blotting it with paper towels or rags, douse it with the cleanser and blot it again to get rid of excess moisture. Then, let it air dry. You might have to apply the cleanser several times to fully get rid of all traces of the stain.