Samoyed Behavior

The Samoyed likes being around people, period.
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Samoyeds are working dogs native to cold Siberian Russia. These spitz canines have had many occupations throughout history, including assembling reindeer, hunting and protecting. Samoyeds were even commonly employed as sled dogs. These furry dogs with many tasks were close companions to people, even sharing sleeping quarters.

Basic Information

Heightwise, Samoyeds generally reach somewhere between 19 and 23.5 inches at the shoulder. They typically weigh between 35 and 65 pounds. The males are usually slightly taller and heavier than the females. Samoyeds possess dense white coats. Their fur is either snow-white or off-white. They have double coats and require brushing sessions two or three times per week. During shedding periods, extra brushing is imperative. Samoyeds, on average, have life expectancies of between 12 and 14 years. Since the edges of their mouths point in upward directions, Samoyeds always appear to be grinning, adding to their overall pleasant and sociable vibes.

Samoyed Temperament

Samoyeds are family-oriented canines who thrive in the company of their closest people. They are, for the most part, smart, faithful, mild, jovial, spirited, pleasant and vigilant dogs. When it comes to family, Samoyeds tend to establish strong connections.

Behavior With Unfamiliar People

Although many breeds of dogs tend to be highly suspicious around unfamiliar people, Samoyeds are not in this category. Samoyeds, in most cases, behave in hospitable and companionable manners around new faces. They are not aloof.

Behavior Around Children

Samoyeds who have ample socialization and training tend to work well alongside kids. These dogs generally adore children. As with canines of any breed, however, it is a smart idea to supervise their interactions with children.

Behavior Around Animals

When it comes to other animals, trained and socialized Samoyeds are usually harmonious creatures. They generally live peacefully alongside fellow pets, and in most cases, alongside fellow dogs.

Energetic Behavior

Samoyeds are energy-packed dogs who require plenty of physical activity. It is important for these dogs to get exercise every day, whether through jogs, extended walks or anything similar. If they don't move their bodies enough, they could potentially look for other ways to get their energy out, whether via barking, digging or running around excessively. Samoyeds flourish when given tasks.