Service Dog Supplies & Registration

Service dogs help keep visually impaired persons safe.
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Registering your dog as a service dog is an easy task that allows your helper to accompany you in any public place. You register him once and it is good for his lifetime. He is given the same rights as a human in airports, on beaches and in hotels that do not allow pets. His registration is recognized and valid in 50 states of the U.S. There are many supplies available with his registration or as optional supplies to help you with your disability.

What is a Service Dog?

A service dog helps a person with a disability by performing a function or tasks for the person. The disabled person may have a visual or hearing impairment, diabetes, autism, epilepsy, seizures, mobility issues or other physical or mental disability. A service dog may be any size or any breed of dog.

Why Register a Service Dog?

Registering a service dog protects you and your helper through the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and gives your dog several privileges than an unregistered service dog does not have. Your dog is allowed to accompany you in any public place as long as he is not misbehaving. He has to remain on a leash or tethered to you unless it interferes with the service he provides you. He is allowed to go into restaurants, stores, on airplanes, in hotels at no extra cost to you. A proprietor can only ask you if the dog is a service dog due to a disability, and what task or service he provides you with.

What Information is Needed?

The registration process is straightforward. There is no application to fill out and a doctor's note is not needed. You provide the dog handler name, service dog name, dog's weight and measure him for a service vest, if ordering one for your helper. You can provide a photo of your dog to print on his ID card if you wish. A kit including supplies is for the lifetime registration for your dog and includes a certificate and an ID card. You can elect to receive additional ID cards, a dog tag for his collar, a service dog vest, an electronic copy of the certificate and ID and a service dog leash.

What Service Dog Supplies Do I Need?

A service dog vest is helpful in identification of your dog immediately, without having to produce your ID card wherever you go. Collars and leashes are available imprinted with "Service Dog." Harnesses for the visually impaired are available with standing handles on top for easy location. Many bags are available to add to a wheelchair to carry doggie supplies with you, such as toys or treats for your pet.