How to Shade the Side of the House for a Dog

Give your dog a shady spot if he must spend his days in the yard.
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Sunburn, overheating and dehydration are serious concerns for dogs. If your pup spends his days outside, build him a shady area for napping and cooling off. A standard doghouse won't suffice; its poor ventilation can increase overheating risk. If you're worried about cost, look around for suitable materials in your garage. If aesthetics are a concern, incorporate landscaping.

Step 1

Plant shade trees to block the sun on the side of the house where your dog spends time. Mature trees are usually expensive. Either choose younger, full trees, or search your classified ads for mature trees. Sometimes, people give away larger trees to anyone willing to uproot and remove them. Transplanting can be complicated and puts the tree at risk.

Step 2

Create a screen with bamboo or with fast-growing trees. Plant bamboo as close together as you want, but keep trees a couple of feet apart to ensure good ventilation. The plants will fill in as they get larger. You can also purchase tall bamboo and plant it if you're interested in a ready-made screen.

Step 3

Erect an inexpensive canopy for your dog. These are available in all styles and sizes from most major retail stores, and you can bury the legs to make the canopy sturdier. Or, purchase a ready-made dog shelter for the side of your house.

Step 4

String a tarp between trees, or from your house to a tree, to create a shady area for fido. Secure the tarp with wire or durable rope. Clear the tarp after rain or snow of any accumulated precipitation.

Step 5

Create a shady napping spot next to the wall of your house by leaning a large piece of wood, an unused door or an old trampoline against it at an angle. Make sure enough space exists between the item and your house for your pooch to turn around in. Choose materials that will stand up to the environment, and don't let the space be so confined that air circulation is limited.


  • A great way to give your dog some relief from the heat is to fill a child's hard plastic wading pool with a little water and leave it for your dog to play in. Every time he takes a dip, he'll lower his body temperature and have fun at the same time.

Items You Will Need

  • Shade trees
  • Canopy
  • Tarp
  • Rope
  • Dog shelter