The Best Shampoo for Salt-and-Pepper-Colored Dogs

The most common salt-and-pepper dog is the Schnauzer.
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Perhaps the greatest consistency among canines is their love for getting dirty. When Frank goes out clean, he's bound to return soiled sometimes. Having the right products on hand to care for Frank's coat will have him looking like new in no time.

The Salt-and-Pepper Dog

Dogs with salt-and-pepper coloration have specific grooming needs. Specialty products are available for the salt-and-pepper dog, such as Dog For Life Shampoo Grey Salt & Pepper and MD-10 White Smooth Shampoo. Dog For Life says its shampoo will bring out the brightness in the salt and pepper dog's coat without dulling the appearance of the black undertone. MD-10 says its shampoo is designed for the white dog, black dog, or salt-and-pepper dog and that it improves the appearance of the coat without staining.

Whitening Shampoos

The coloring patterns of a salt and pepper dog can vary. Dogs with salt-and-pepper characteristics may be more predominantly white than black. In such dogs, when the dog's white fur yellows, you must use whitening shampoos with caution. Plush Puppy markets its Herbal Whitening Shampoo with Ginseng for salt-and-pepper dogs, especially those whose coats have become sun-faded or reddened. If you choose a whitening shampoo, be certain to read the instructions carefully to determine if it is safe to use on other coat colors.

Skin Requirements

Regardless of your dog's specific coat color, his grooming needs may be dictated by other factors. If Frank is having a particularly rough time with fleas, the need to eradicate this issue will take precedence when it comes to shampoo choice. Equally as important are skin care issues, such as allergies, skin dryness, skin conditions such as dermatitis and the overly stinky coat. Itchy and dry skin, for instance, can benefit from a shampoo containing shea butter. Your vet should be involved in all your choices for your dog, including shampoos, medicines, supplements and foods -- so medicated shampoos certainly need the vet's approval.

Ask the Groomer

If Frank arrives at the groomer looking like he's just rolled in the dirt and returns looking show-ready, ask about the products the groomer uses. Finding the right product often comes down to trial and error. Your groomer might be able to save you time and money and help you avoid the errors.

Ask the Veterinarian

If Frank is exhibiting signs of allergies or if he just isn't looking as good as he could, seek the veterinarian's advice. The vet sees dogs of all shapes and sizes, breeds and colors, and is an excellent source of information. Grooming and bathing is an important part of your dog's life; the right products promote the health of his coat and skin. Frank deserves to look and feel as good as he can, whether he's a couch potato or a show dog of the finest pedigree.