Why Do Shampoos Say Not to Use on Young Puppies?

Stick to the puppy suds for this little lady.
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No need to give a bath to a newborn pup -- it’s best to let her mommy do the work of cleaning up her pup for the first month. After that, stick to shampoos specifically designed for a puppy. Using other shampoos can have negative side effects and cause discomfort.


You should never give a newborn puppy a bath. Wait until she’s at least 4 weeks old before attempting it. Ask your vet if you have any questions about your puppy’s specific breed or her age, or if you want special tips.

Harsh Adult Dog Shampoo

If the label states, “Don’t use on puppies,” there’s a reason for that advice. The ingredients may be too harsh for a puppy’s delicate skin. This is especially true for medicated dog shampoos. Those medications can be too strong for the little one and can cause skin reactions or possibly health problems.

Human Shampoo

It may be tempting to skip the trip to the pet store for a bottle of puppy shampoo, but don’t do it. Human shampoo is not formulated to work with dog or puppy hair and skin; they have a different pH level. Using human shampoo will dry out her skin and make her super itchy.

Puppy Shampoo

Puppy shampoos are milder and kinder to her tender skin. Opt for a tearless puppy shampoo for regular bathing needs. Go for a gentle puppy oatmeal puppy shampoo if she’s stinky or has dry skin. Consult your vet if you have any questions, concerns or want any suggestions on what product is best for your pup.


If you bathe a dog too frequently, it can wash away the healthy oils that her body produces. Over-bathing can also dry out the skin and hair, making the skin itchy and irritated. She may end up scratching so much that she causes further irritation and inflammation.


Instead of continuously bathing your little lady, brush her regularly to remove dirt, debris and loose hair. Try brushing her everyday. If this isn’t feasible, do it at least once a week. She will most likely enjoy this time with you and it will also help her look and smell better.