What Is a Shetland Sheepdog's Temperament Like?

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The Shetland sheepdog, commonly called a "sheltie" is in the herding and working dog class, whose members excel in herding, conformation and agility, according to the American Kennel Club. A sheltie is a miniature form of a collie who was bred to help herd farm animals and for family protection of the owner's home.

Family Dogs

The sheltie is a family oriented dog who loves children and adults alike. A sheltie enjoys interacting with all family members especially in outdoor games and activities. Boisterous energy levels make this breed perfect for active families.

The Sheltie Bark

A sheltie has a distinctive high-pitched bark that can be nerve-racking on occasion. It is a good idea to train shelties in obedience so they bark only when necessary to alert owners to a stranger at the door. Excessive barking can be problematic for your family and your neighbors. Seek a professional trainer if you are unable to control his barking.

Exercise Requirements

A Shetland sheepdog is small enough to be an apartment dweller when they have walks or play outdoors or in a dog park daily. Herding dogs have a lot of energy and need daily exercise to fuel their bodies and minds. Daily exercise and playtime keeps a sheltie occupied so they do not become bored and bark or exhibit destructive behavior. Be sure to provide plenty of play toys for your sheltie as well.

Sheltie Trainability

Shelties are intelligent and love the reward of praise and treats awarded when a new task is learned. A sheltie wants to please his family. This breed excels in learning tricks, advanced obedience classes, agility training and herding activities. Attending training classes with your sheltie strengthens the pack bond with him.