Are Shiba Inu Dogs & Puppies Good With Kids?

Well-trained Shiba Inus often get along famously with older kids.
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When you're exploring the possibility of adding a new pet to your household, it's essential to do your homework, especially if children are involved. If a Shiba Inu catches your eye, do your due diligence on the Japanese breed. Shiba Inus often get along wonderfully with kids, but only with the right training and socialization background.

Strong Connections With Children

The majority of Shiba Inus adore being around children, according to Laura Payton, author of "Shiba Inus." When fully grown Shiba Inus do well with kids, it's frequently because of strong training and socialization when they were puppies. It's important for owners of young Shiba Inus to demonstrate the higher "social status" of humans in the household. If they don't do this, their Shiba Inus might not respect them, children included. This, in turn, can result in dominance issues. When Shiba Inu puppies receive solid training, they can develop faithful and affectionate rapports with the people and children in their household.

Constant Supervision of Interactions

Since appropriate training is a major component to a Shiba Inu's successful future with children, it's vital to never leave puppies alone around kids, no exceptions. It's also important to never leave Shiba Inus alone around kids, period, regardless of the dog's ages. When children meet new pups, they sometimes react with apprehension. They're sometimes overzealous and not too delicate or gentle in handling them, either. If a child treats a Shiba Inu too aggressively, the dog might retain that information. As a growing puppy, he might not fight back instantly, but it could result in a problem down the line when the dog becomes more sure of himself. If you have any questions about this, consult a professional in pet behavior.

Relaxed Behavior in Children

Ensuring a comfortable and successful relationship between a Shiba Inu and children involves not only training the pooch well, but also focusing on the little humans. Relaxed kids are key in these situations. If a child is uneasy around a Shiba Inu pup, he might pick up on that vulnerability. That, in turn, could encourage him to take charge of the situation. It could result in harassment by the Shiba Inu -- the last thing you want. If a child is scared around a Shiba Inu puppy, you have to be prepared to put in a suitable amount of time to reverse that. Remember, safety is your main priority. Older kids are optimal for Shiba Inus, according to the Westminster Kennel Club.

Unfamiliar Children

If a Shiba Inu has spent practically his entire life with a pair of children, there's a strong chance he'll thrive alongside them. Although Shiba Inus often work well with children they grew up with, that in no way means that they're a strong match for unfamiliar kids. Shiba Inus in general tend to be wary around new faces, whether children, adults or even animals, according to veterinarian Sheldon L. Gerstenfeld, author of the "ASPCA Complete Guide to Dogs." Never allow a Shiba Inu to share company with new children without close, nonstop monitoring.