When Do Shiba Inu Dogs Stop Growing?

Fully grown, the shiba inu averages around 20 pounds. As a small dog, he tends to grow faster and live longer than large dogs. A shiba inu will do most of his growing in his first year, though he may continue to add weight into his second year.

A Busy First Year

A variety of factors affect how fast a dog grows, including heredity, breed size, diet and overall health. The shiba inu is considered a small dog, meaning he'll do most of his growing before his first birthday. That's not to say that when he blows out his first candle he'll have reached his full potential. He may gain weight into his second year, but the bulk of his physical development will have occurred by the time he's 1. For example, he'll have all his permanent teeth and fully developed senses. However, even if he's fully grown, he's still an adolescent when it comes to his behavioral development. It takes about 18 months for a dog to work through his adolescent issues. Six to 18 months old is prime time for a dog to pick up on pack behavior cues from humans and other dogs. Your shiba inu is likely to challenge you and explore his role in the pecking order, making it critical that he gets positive, consistent training to make him a well-behaved family member. Your vet will be able to guide you on other particulars -- such as when to switch from puppy to adult food, a vaccination schedule and when to spay or neuter your pup.