Should a Dog Wear a Collar All Day?

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Some owners worry that wearing a collar all day puts a pup at risk of choking or injury from snagging the collar or tags on furniture -- even the pup's own paw -- the Association of Pet Dog Trainers says. But always wearing a collar that sports your pooch's ID, dog license and rabies tag helps ensure his safe return, should he run off unexpectedly.

All Day Collars

Your dog should always wear a collar and ID tag. The standard dog collar, according to the Humane Society of the United States, is flat, with a buckle or plastic snap closure with a built-in ring for your dog's tags. Such collars today may include a breakaway feature to address choking or snagging concerns. In lieu of hanging ID tags, collars can have identifying information embroidered on them.

Training Collars

Never leave choke-chain, prong or pinch collars on all day or any time you are not providing direct supervision, as they may put a pup at risk for choking or strangulation, the Humane Society of the United States warns.


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