Should Dry Kibble Be Served Wet for Dogs?

Adding broth or gravy takes dry kibble from bland to tasty.
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Dry kibble provides your dog with the nutrition he needs as well as a way to help remove tartar from his teeth. Dry kibble allows for easy storage and an extended shelf life. While it is designed to be served dry, not all dogs find it palatable and may turn up their nose to a bowl of dry kibble. For these dogs, or older dogs with dental issues who are unable to crunch on hard food, the addition of water, broth or gravy makes the dish more palatable and easier to eat, while still providing the storage benefits.

From Bland to Gourmet

If your finicky pooch or older dog turns his nose up at a bowl of dry kibble, the addition of warm water, warm chicken or beef broth or a little bit of gravy can go a long way. Simply spoon a few tablespoons over his regular dry kibble serving and stir well. The liquid moistens the kibble, making it easier for an older dog to eat. The addition of broth or gravy enhances the flavor and may encourage your finicky eater to dive in. To avoid spoiling, only add liquid to one serving of dry kibble at a time and never leave out moistened food for more than four hours.